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DLS Tools

Interactive color images

This is an interactive browser for our color images, which allows you to find the RA and DEC of any object you see.

Image cutout form (Fits AND JPG!)

The downloads are in the form of full images (fits and jpg format) and catalogs. If you would like to download selected bits of images, see the image cutout page (catalog cutouts soming soon).

Fiat tools for manipulating catalogs.

Catalogs are produced by SExtractor (version 2.1.6). More details about the cataloging procedure, as well as the "default.*" parameter files used are available from each release's webpage. The DLS catalogs have a header that starts with "# fiat 1.0". All comment lines start with "#" so that the files are reasonably easy to manipulate with awk or similar tools, but we have a set of fiat tools designed specifically for typical operations on catalog data.

Other Software

We plan to release all the software we write that may be of any use to the community, but please excuse us while we write some documentation. Meanwhile, here is something that may be of general use:

A patch for reading multi-extension fits (MEF) files with SExtractor. Simply copy the patch to the source directory in your SE tree, run "patch < SE.readimage.patch", and then make. SE will then accept filenames of the form "foo.fits[x]" where x is an integer indicating the extension. Be sure to quote the filename or otherwise protect the brackets from the shell.