Welcome to iGalFit!


iGalFit is an interactive tool to run GalFit written entirely in IDL. The controls were designed to mimic those from ds9 and include much of the functionality of imexamine in IRAF. The code uses the object-oriented graphics capabilities of IDL to efficiently draw and manipulate the Regions of Interest (ROIs), whose shape and color encode the surface brightness profile to be fit with GalFit. The package includes a separate graphical user interface (GUI) to control Source Extractor (SEx), which can automatically locate objects and assign the best-guess profile properties.


Special thanks go to Jim Bosch for algorithm design, planning, and general advice. Many thanks to the several beta-testers who helped find the (first wave of) bugs and errors!

iGalFit Screenshot

Above is a screen shot of the initial state (no images or data loaded).

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