A cluster of galaxies at z=0.68.

Interacting galaxies.

More interacting galaxies.

An asymmetric galaxy, probably in the late stages of swallowing a smaller galaxy.

A strong gravitational lens.

Another strong gravitational lens (zooming in to the center of the cluster at the top of this page).

A third strong gravitational lens.

A beautiful galaxy.

An active galactic nucleus: the bright spot in the center of this galaxy is a supermassive black hole.

An airplane flying through our field of view during a long exposure. Can you figure out which direction the plane is flying? How high up it is? How big it is?

A very bright asteroid (677 Aaltje). The field size here is just over 1' and the five similar postage stamps show the asteroid moving ~32"/hour over the course of 90 minutes or so. The first postage stamp shows how the saturated pixels were automatically removed from the stack, but the nearby scattered light was not very well removed.