Overlapping Data

This is a brief list of overlaps between the DLS and other surveys (not all of these data are public right now). Within each field, they are listed in decreasing order of area of overlap. The top 1-2 overlapping surveys generally cover the entire 4 deg2 area of the field. When matching with other surveys, please note that the DLS astrometry is based on the USNO B-1.0 catalog. Overlapping surveys based ultimately on the same astrometric system (eg, SDSS) will match to better than 0.1", but you may need to use a larger tolerance for other surveys.

Additional data: A Spitzer IRAC survey has been done in F2. You may download the data from the archive or contact us for a processed version. We also have a fair amount of JHK photometry and contact us to request a release of those data. We have also very recently obtained u band data in the south with DECam. This part of the project is just getting underway, so contact us if you would like to collaborate. Spectroscopy is not considered part of the survey proper, but spectroscopic redshifts obtained by the DLS team are in the database; see the Spectra table description.

Please contact us if you would like your overlapping data to be listed here.